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City Council

The City Council of Tartu with its 49 members is the representative body of the municipal government that is elected by the electorate of the city of Tartu in every four years.

According to the results of recent elections of October 20, 2013 the City Council is formed of the representatives of four political parties and two electoral coalitions. The biggest faction in the City Council of Tartu is the faction of Estonian Reform Party with 15 members, it is followed by faction of Pro Patria and Res Publica Union with 11 members, the faction of Estonian Centre Party with 8 members and the faction of Estonian Social Democratic Party with 8 members. Three councillors are the representatives of the electoral coalition Vabakund and three members of the City Council represent the electoral coalition Patriotic Citizen of Tartu. Reform Party, Centre Party and Social Democratic Party form the coalition.

The work of the City Council is organised by the chairman Vladimir Ĺ okman (Centre Party), in his absence by the vice chairman Triin Anette Kaasik (Reform Party). Chairman and vice chairman with the leaders of factions form the Board of the City Council, which discusses various issues connected with the organisation of the work of the City Council.

The exclusive competence of the City Council includes many important decisions such as adoption and amendment of the city budget and assumptions of loans, establishing the procedures for granting benefits from the city budget and for the administration and use of city assets, adoption of the city development plan, comprehensive plans and detailed plans, etc.

The City Council of Tartu has eight standing committees with different scopes of activity and they function as the advisory bodies for the City Council. Committees review draft legislative acts, make proposals on them and initiate discussions.

The meetings of the City Council take place at least once in a month. Meetings are broadcasted live.


Office of Tartu City Council
51003 Tartu
Phone: +372 736 1202