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City of Tartu, University of Tartu and Telia continue their cooperation in creating a better and more innovative living environment

Today, on 20 October, the City of Tartu, the University of Tartu and Telia Eesti signed a memorandum of understanding, aiming to continue cooperation in building a better and more innovative living environment, in the Paabel building of the University of Tartu.

The City of Tartu, University of Tartu and Telia Eesti have jointly contributed into the SmartEnCity project for a year already. The main goal of the project is creating better, more innovative and energy-efficient urban environment.

As one activity, the SmartEnCity project aims to reconstruct the outdated Khrushchev-era apartment houses in the central area of Tartu into energy-efficient, smart and attractive ones, the so-called Smartovka houses. The project is still in its development stage, but the common efforts have been effective and therefore the decision was made to sign a memorandum of understanding for more extensive collaboration not limited to just one project, but to cover more activities from different areas.

The planned joint activities are, for example, developing the smart city model, creating integrated infrastructure in Tartu, developing smart home solutions, analysing big data and using them for implementing cooperation projects, etc. The list of planned joint activities is not closed and all the three parties have an open attitude to testing and implementing new technologies.

According to the Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas, the City of Tartu wants to vigorously continue introducing smart city solutions. “The best innovative solutions can happen only as a result of smooth cooperation between different parties. It is important to involve entrepreneurs, universities and residents of Tartu in developing the smart city, and to achieve the goal, it is necessary to create a common platform for cooperation,” said the Mayor.

Head of UT Institute of Computer Science Jaak Vilo also confirmed that huge changes have taken place in ICT development. First, the digitalisation of all services, secondly, the explosive growth in connecting small devices into the internet, and thirdly, the development of cloud platforms. All this enhances the importance of software. “In cooperation with one of the largest ICT companies of Estonia and Scandinavia, we can, for example, promote the study and research in the fields of the internet of things and big data analytics,” said Vilo.

The CEO of Telia Dan Strömberg emphasized good cooperation and added, “It is a pleasure to be the technology partner for the most innovative city of Estonia and the largest University of Estonia. Telia joined the SmartEnCity project to get practical experience in developing products of the future in cooperation with the people of Tartu, the City of Tartu and Telia’s good and long-term customers. So far in our cooperation we have felt clear and solid synergy in joining the efforts of the public and the private sector. This is why I am pleased that we are continuing our efforts.”

When signing the memorandum today, all three parties confirmed their willingness to continue meaningful cooperation and their wish to soon also introduce the results of their joint work.