Brief History

Tartu Business Advisory Services started operating in 1993 as a public limited company. Tartu Business Advisory Services was established within the framework of the EU Phare Technical Cooperation Programme. Consultants from Danish agency COWIconsult were closely engaged with the development of our organisation and team in 1993 to 1996 and they also cooperated with Italian company ERVET (Regional Economic Development Agency) and Belgian company IBF.

Tartu Business Advisory Services has been operating as a non-profit foundation since 1997. The founders of Tartu Business Advisory Services Foundation are the Tartu County Government and the Association of Tartu County Local Governments.
8 consultants are currently working in Tartu Business Advisory Services. We also use contracted employees whenever necessary.


We support the implementation of good thoughts in order to increase the competitive abilities of Tartu County through creative and professional consultations and development activities.


In 2015, Tartu Business Advisory Services will be a valuable partner and a reliable and professional competency centre of regional development which supports its clients and is focused on finding solutions.


  • Business development
  • Increasing the share of young people in business
  • Increasing the efficiency of the development activities of local governments
  • Increasing the competencies and capabilities of non-profit organisations
  • Supporting cooperation between different partners in the preparation and implementation of development projects
We have linked 3 areas of activity in order to achieve this:
  • consultations
  • development
  • training


The unity of knowledge, skills and experience is important for us. It is based on our core values:
  1. Competency
  2. Focus on finding solutions
  3. Service quality
  4. Creativity and openness
  5. Reliability
  6. Ability to learn and professional development
  7.  Cooperation
We believe that our core values lead to client satisfaction and sustainability alongside the development of Tartu Business Advisory Service as a competency centre of regional development.

Activity principles

1. Tartu Business Advisory Services is focused first and foremost on the provision of services and is a proactive institution that creates added value (it does not administer or distribute funds itself).
2. The functions associated with development activities are gradually integrated according to requirement and readiness.
3. Gradual increase of development activities across the entire scope of activities. 
4. Contracted consultants are used whenever necessary, and business and project consultants are recommended to our clients.
5. Financing is done from different sources – activity support from Enterprise and local governments of Tartu County , project-based activities and sale of services.
6. Representatives of target groups participate in the management of the foundation through its supervisory board.
7. Representatives of target groups are included in the preparation of development projects whenever necessary.
8. Tartu Business Advisory Services cooperates actively with different institutions and support organisations.
9. Readiness for adoption of project financing decisions is guaranteed in the event of an increase in decentralisation.
9.1. Development goals

Tartu Business Advisory Services

            offers high quality professional competence
            is a socially active partner
            is a recognised centre of regional development competency in the county
            is one of the driving engines in county development activities
            is known and has a good reputation
            has an overview of the development tendencies of the target group and the needs of its clients
            offers services that meet the needs of the target group
            is trusted by its clients, who are satisfied with our services and value our advice
            has a target group that has grown as a result of the county’s requirements
            offers development activities whose volume will form at least 50% of the total volume of work in 2010

Internal development goals

1. The employees of Tartu Business Advisory Services have extensive professional competence
2. Tartu Business Advisory Services operates as a uniform team where people support each other
3. Tartu Business Advisory Services is a learning organisation